Due to the postponement of The Future of Cash From April 2020 to February 2021, this programme is subject to change and will be updated in due course.

Wednesday 17 February 2021

09:00 – 10:45 Session 1: Setting the Scene

Opening Remarks

Guillaume Lepecq



Adapting to the Evolving Cash Landscape

  • The evolution of the cash landscape
  • New ways to facilitate access to cash
  • Optimising NCB cash distribution scheme

Concha Jimenez

Banco de Espana


How the Fed is Planning for the Future of Cash

  • Environmental scan of the US: cash is not going away; however, how it is used is changing
  • The Fed’s perspective on what these changes mean to its FedCash mission
  • How will the Fed accomplish these strategies?

Amy Burr

Cash Product Office Federal Reserve Bank


The New Cash Center of the National Bank of Belgium

  • State of the art security
  • Automation of the vault management and the sorting area
  • Reengineering of the logistics processes

Laurent de Nys

National Bank of Belgium


11:15 – 13:00 Session 2: Next Generation Cash Cycle

Spread too Thin? Cash Use: A View from the UK

  • Changing picture of cash usage in UK retail
  • Maintaining a viable cash infrastructure
  • Ethical considerations in access to cash

Andrew Cregan

British Retail Consortium

Te Moni Anamata (the Future of Cash) – A Case Study from Aotearoa (New Zealand)

  • A multi-year, multi-phase programme to solve the simultaneous equations of what the futures will be for cash, the cash system, and RBNZ’s own vaulting and commercial arrangements for supplying it
  • Assessing options to address any unwanted consequences of cash’s decline, including its unique roles in economic and social life
  • Developing a business case for investment in its future vaulting and commercial arrangements,
  • Seeking to increase and formalise its stewardship role for the cash system

Graeme Denny

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

What is Futures Literacy and how does is it apply to Money?

  • An introduction to Futures Literacy/li>
  • How is Futures Literacy used?
  • What implications for the Future of Money?

Riel Miller

Head of Futures Literacy, Unesco

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 16:20 Session 3: Future Makers’ Workshop

The Future Makers Workshop, is a co-creation workshop where participants will look at the changing strategic landscape and gain insight into futures literacy methods. The workshop will be facilitated by senior experts from Demos Helsinki, a global think tank working on the transformation of post-industrial societies. Their approach to futures is centered on exploring different possible scenarios together, and helping organizations define their role and responsibility in the changing environment. Hence the Future Makers mindset: without foresight, it is not possible to be an active agent for change. In the workshop, participants will conduct a horizon scanning exercise and create a vision of a desirable future.

16:50 – 18:00 Session 4: Cash and the Digital Consumer

Cash 4.0 – The Evolution of the Cash Cycle

  • What have been the different stages of the cash cycle over the years, and how have they evolved?
  • Who are the key players, and how have their roles changed?
  • Where are we now, and where is the cash cycle heading?
  • Who could bring the next Disruption to the Cash Cycle?

Zennan Green


Why Do We Use Cash? The Behavioural Reasons For Choosing Cash

  • Who is using cash
  • Behavioural insight, including habitual behaviour Payment attitudes and intentions
  • What could change this?

David Marsh


Thursday 18 February 2021

9:00 – 11:00 Session 5: How are Stakeholders Innovating

“Cash Availability”: The Untold Story

  • How SBV disrupted the market to mitigate systemic risk: cash availability; greater good mandate; risk led innovations
  • An outline of a Tiered Business Model – market leaders in Industry essential services
  • Key strategic lessons

Mark Barett



ATM Pooling in the Netherlands

  • Past: how did it all start?
  • Present: where are we now?
  • Future: how do we see our future?

Peggy Costens



Branch ATM Network – BNP Paribas Poland Outsourcing Model

  • How to offer best-in-class, modern self service services to the customers with tight control on cost of cash and operations?
  • A unique outsourcing model for the self service network
  • An optimal division of labour between the commercial outsourcer and the bank

Jerzy Porzucek



Improving the Efficiency of the Handling of Cash: the EPC “Recirculation Paper”

  • The cash cycle – possibilities to optimise via local recirculation?
  • The European landscape – a multifaceted picture.
  • Examples of local best pest practices.
  • What could stakeholders in society do to foster recirculation?

Diederik Bruggink

European Payments Council


11:25 – 13:00 Session 6 – Panel Discussion: Introducing CashTech: When Cash Encounters Fintech

CashTech gathers companies which make use of software and modern technology to provide cash services, including access to cash, acceptance of cash payments as well as enhancing the efficiency of the cash cycle 

Chair:José Ángel Fernández Freire

Innovation Director, Prosegur Cash

Andreas Veller


Christophe Caffard


Sandipan Chakraborty


Ian Hunt


13:00 – 14:15 Lunch

14:15 – 15:55 Session 7: Making Cash More Efficient

Understanding the Cost of Payments

  • A review of costs of international costs of payments studies
  • Cash vs. Digital : who is the winner?
  • Levers to reduce the cost of cash

Franz Seitz



Local Delivery of Cash to the Public – Keeping it Affordable

  • In an age of convenience, how can cash be made available locally, so it can retain its place on the payment choice menu?
  • Traditional ATM services can be expensive. Can Smarter, Next Generation ATMs expand services whilst lowering costs?
  • With bank branches closing in almost every market, what alternative cash delivery channels are feasible?
  • How is the local cash delivery landscape likely to look a decade from now

Ron Delnevo



Transformation of Cash Distribution in Spain

  • Situation before 2008 financial crisis
  • Financial system concentration
  • Current distribution networks available (banks and independent distributors)

José Rincón Rodriguez

Euro Automatic Cash


16:20- 17:30 Session 8: Thinking out of the Box

Future Makers’ Workshop – The Aftermath

  • Learnings and Insights
  • Views of the Future
  • What Next?

Petteri Lillberg & Chris Rowley