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Online | 17-18 February 2021

Madrid, Spain | 9-10 November 2021

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About The Future of Cash

 The Future of Cash conference was the first of its kind to bring together all stakeholders involved in the cash cycle. It typically attracts delegates from central banks, financial institutions, retailers, cash management companies, technology providers and other suppliers.

The Future of Cash conference focuses on understanding the changing cash environment and what stakeholders are doing to optimise the cash cycle and to keep cash competitive and relevant. It brings together all stakeholders to discuss new strategies for creating the cash cycle of the future.

Despite the increasing popularity of digital payment methods, nearly 85% of all retail transactions today are still made with cash, representing around 60% of retail transaction value.

Clearly cash is, and will remain, an important payment instrument. In a fast changing payment landscape, today’s challenge is to ensure cash is available, easy for people and organisations to use and its costs are low and competitive.  This is a challenging agenda whether you are a central bank or a commercial organisation in the cash cycle.

The conference is a stand-alone two day event which focuses on achieving operational efficiencies within the cash cycle. This enables stakeholders to share their best practices and expertise, with the aim of improving the overall functioning of cash and the cash cycle.

Previous events have been held in Paris, Vienna and more recently, Athens. Madrid will play host to the 2021 event.

The Future of Cash Online

17-18 February 2021

FOCO will be a fully interactive and virtual event. Appealing to people from all over the world this truly international event will take place for 3 hours a day over 2 days. Individual presentations as well as panel style formats will allow the audience to be completely involved in the conversation, in the form of Q&As, polls and audience-led discussion. There will plenty of opportunity for networking as well as the chance to get up to date with all the developments from within the industry from the comfort of your home or office.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences on human and economic activities, including on cash, payments and money. For many observers, the pandemic has acted as a catalyst and accelerated existing trends. In particular, it has aggravated the ‘cash paradox’ i.e. increasing demand for cash but declining usage as a payment instrument.

The pandemic has forced central banks, governments, commercial banks and other stakeholders to adopt short-term emergency measures to ensure the smooth supply and circulation of cash. This has involved remarkable creativity and innovation to overcome the immediate threats and challenges. Some of these decisions may become long-term fixtures. Others will be dropped at the earliest opportunity.

But the crisis has also encouraged us to think about the long-term implications and the world after. The crisis will pass. Cash will survive. But the world after will be different. The 2021 Future of Cash Conference will invite participants to actively debate and shape the future of cash.


  • The Future of Cash Workshop will look at the changing strategic landscape and introduce participants to futures literacy methods to imagine the cash cycle of the future.
  • The CashTech forum will stage innovators, start-ups and fintechs which will be at the heart of disruptive innovation in the cash cycle.

Guillaume Lepecq
Conference Chairman

Paul Blond
Conference Moderator

17 February 11:00 – 13:00 GMT Session 1: Setting the scene

Introduction and Objectives: Guillaume Lepecq, CashEssentials

Adapting to the Evolving Cash Landscape

  • The evolution of the cash landscape
  • New ways to facilitate access to cash
  • Optimising NCB cash distribution scheme

Concha Jimenez, Banco de Espana

Cash usage in the Euro Area, Pre- and Post Covid

  • The ECB Study on the Payments Attitudes of Consumers in the Euro Area
  • Cash demand during the pandemic
  • The Eurosystem’s retail payments and cash strategies

Ton Roos, European Central Bank

The DNB Investigation into the Future Cash Cycle

  • Cash Remains Essential
  • The financial infrastructure is under pressure
  • Designing a socially efficient, robust and safe cash infrastrcture

Roel van Anholt, De Nederlandsche Bank

Panel Discussion and Q & A

17 February 14:00 – 16:00 GMT Session 2: The world after: The Future of Cash Workshop

How can we imagine the Future of Cash?

  • An introduction to Futures Literacy
  • 5 tensions that will shape the future of cash
  • Plausible and desirable scenarios

Petteri Lillberg, Demos Helsinki

How the Fed is Planning for the Future of Cash

  • Environmental scan of the US: cash is not going away; however, how it is used is changing
  • The Fed’s perspective on what these changes mean to its FedCash mission
  • How will the Fed accomplish these strategies?

Alex Bau, Cash Product Office Federal Reserve Bank

Cash 4.0 – The Evolution of the Cash Cycle

  • What have been the different stages of the cash cycle over the years, and how have they evolved?
  • Who are the key players, and how have their roles changed?
  • Where are we now, and where is the cash cycle heading?
  • Who could bring the next Disruption to the Cash Cycle?

Zennan Green, Glory Global Solutions

Panel Discussion and Q & A

18 February 11:00 – 13:00 GMT Session 3: Next Gen Cash Cycle

Improving the Efficiency of the Handling of Cash: the EPC “Recirculation Paper

  • The cash cycle – possibilities to optimise via local recirculation?
  • The European landscape – a multifaceted picture.
  • Examples of local best pest practices.
  • What could stakeholders in society do to foster recirculation?

Diederik Bruggink, European Payments Council

Local Delivery of Cash to the Public – Keeping it Affordable

  • In an age of convenience, how can cash be made available locally, so it can retain its place on the payment choice menu?
  • Traditional ATM services can be expensive. Can Smarter, Next Generation ATMs expand services whilst lowering costs?
  • With bank branches closing in almost every market, what alternative cash delivery channels are feasible?
  • How is the local cash delivery landscape likely to look a decade from now?

Ron Delnevo, Cash and Card World

Branch ATM Network – BNP Paribas Poland Outsourcing Model

  • How to offer best-in-class, modern selfservice services to the customers with tight control on cost of cash and operations?
  • A unique outsourcing model for the selfservice network
  • An optimal division of labour between the commercial outsourcer and the bank

Jerzy Porzucek, BNP PARIBAS Polska

Spread Too Thin? Cash Use: A View from the UK

  • Changing picture of cash usage in UK retail
  • Maintaining a viable cash infrastructure
  • Ethical considerations in access to cash

Andrew Cregan, British Retail Consortium

Panel Discussion and Q & A

18 February 14:00 – 16:00 GMT Session 4: CashTech Forum

CashTech: Taking Cash Forward

  • Andreas Veller, viafintech

Change for the better: a coinless future for cash

  • How digital can complement cash, rather than seeking to replace it
  • The core attributes of physical currency that need to be preserved
  • Embracing a ‘coinless’ model to optimise recirculation

Chris Forero-Slee, Shrap

Virtual ATMs – digitalizing customer journey around cash

  • Introducing sharing economy in cash logistics to foster efficient cash recirculation
  • A novel way to reduce “cost of cash” and keep it resilient in a digital world

Sandipan Chakraborty, Founder & CEO of SONECT

Cash and Open Banking. Worlds apart; but together can drive financial inclusion

  • Increasing digital divide
  • UK needs to go ‘back to the future’ to drive financial inclusion
  • How open banking can improve the sustainability of cash

David Fagleman, OneBanks

Panel Discussion and Q & A

Delegate Fees

Standard Delegate – £350

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