The Future of Cash 


Online | 6-7 July 2021

11:00-15:00 Singapore time

Madrid, Spain | 9-10 November 2021

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About The Future of Cash

 The Future of Cash conference was the first of its kind to bring together all stakeholders involved in the cash cycle. It typically attracts delegates from central banks, financial institutions, retailers, cash management companies, technology providers and other suppliers.

The Future of Cash conference focuses on understanding the changing cash environment and what stakeholders are doing to optimise the cash cycle and to keep cash competitive and relevant. It brings together all stakeholders to discuss new strategies for creating the cash cycle of the future.

Despite the increasing popularity of digital payment methods, nearly 85% of all retail transactions today are still made with cash, representing around 60% of retail transaction value.

Clearly cash is, and will remain, an important payment instrument. In a fast changing payment landscape, today’s challenge is to ensure cash is available, easy for people and organisations to use and its costs are low and competitive.  This is a challenging agenda whether you are a central bank or a commercial organisation in the cash cycle.

The conference is a stand-alone two day event which focuses on achieving operational efficiencies within the cash cycle. This enables stakeholders to share their best practices and expertise, with the aim of improving the overall functioning of cash and the cash cycle.

Previous events have been held in Paris, Vienna and more recently, Athens. Madrid will play host to the 2021 event.

The Future of Cash Online

6 & 7 July 2021 – 11:00-15:00 Singapore time

Following the success of the Future of Cash online event in February 2021, we will be continuing the conversation and providing a coherent story of today’s cash challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. The event will focus specifically on the Asia-Pacific region. The physical event is still on track to go ahead on the 9-10 November 2021, in Madrid, Spain.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences on human and economic activities, including on cash, payments and money. For many observers, the pandemic has acted as a catalyst and accelerated existing trends. In particular, it has aggravated the ‘cash paradox’ i.e. increasing demand for cash but declining usage as a payment instrument.

The pandemic has forced central banks, governments, commercial banks and other stakeholders to adopt short-term emergency measures to ensure the smooth supply and circulation of cash. This has involved remarkable creativity and innovation to overcome the immediate threats and challenges. Some of these decisions may become long-term fixtures. Others will be dropped at the earliest opportunity.

But the crisis has also encouraged us to think about the long-term implications and the world after. The crisis will pass. Cash will survive. But the world after will be different. The 2021 Future of Cash Conference will invite participants to actively debate, imagine and shape the future of cash.

Guillaume Lepecq
Conference Chairman

6 July 11:00 – 13:00 Singapore time (UTC +8) Session 1: Setting the scene

In this session, speakers will discuss key trends in cash and payments since the pandemic and how they might impact the future of cash.

The paradoxical development of the usage of cash: a global update

  • Global trends around the usage of cash during the pandemic
  • Comparison with the developments during earlier crises
  • Cash as a public good and part of the public infrastructure

Antti Heinonen, Bank of Finland

Cash demand during the pandemic and into the recovery

  • US payment trends utilizing the Diary of Consumer Payment Choice, completed in October 2020
  • Findings from a supplemental survey completed in May 2021

Alex Bau, San Francisco Federal Reserve

Developments on Cash and Payments in the Philippines

  • Cash demand and distribution, and trends on payments during the pandemic
  • Innovations and reforms on currency management
  • Cash Service Alliance among banks as a cash circulation mechanism.

Ralph Meris, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Panel Discussion and Q & A

6 July 14:00 – 16:00 Singapore time (UTC +8) Session 2: The world after: The Future of Cash Workshop

Leading institutions will share their approach to imagining the future of cash and ensuring its long-term viability and sustainability.

Cash and building desirable futures – How can futures literacy help us navigate?

  • Challenging the dominant narrative of a cashless society
  • The great questions for the next ten years: Inclusion, privacy and sustainability
  • Increasing agency and re-imaging desirable futures
  • Re-thinking the future of cash: Expanding the conversation.

Petteri Lilberg, Demos Helsinki

New Zealand’s evolving Cash Stewardship

  • What is stewardship?
  • Scope of stewardship needs to be holistic
  • Our analytical approach reflects how we frame stewardship
  • Current activities and next steps

Ian Woolford, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Te Pūtea Matua

Cash and crises: no surprises by the virus

  • Cash demand in times of crises
  • Demand for small and large banknote denominations – a global comparison
  • Trend shift towards non-transactional cash balances
Franz Seitz, Weiden Technical University of Applied Sciences, & Gerhard Rösl, Ostbayerische Hochschule Regensburg

Panel Discussion and Q & A

7 July 11:00 – 13:00 Singapore time (UTC +8) Session 3: Next Gen Cash Cycle

In this session, cash cycle stakeholders will share best practices and ideas to improve the efficiency of cash.

Possible responses by Japanese consumers to a reduction in the number of bank ATMs

  • What will consumers do if the number of bank ATMs is reduced? Will they still use banknotes or move to cashless transactions?
  • If the number of bank ATMs is reduced and consumer demand for banknotes is not reduced, who should provide the supply of banknotes?
  • ATMs at convenience stores or Japan Post Bank?
  • Could a central bank digital currency be a solution?

Hiroshi Fujiki, Chuo University

Cash in a cash-light world

  • The great paradox – Covid accelerates the demise of cash transactions but more cash in system than ever before
  • The public good in cash and more
  • Collective action to optimising cash logistics in a cash-light world is key

Jodie Leetet, ANZ

Cash movement – Indian Story

  • Indian Retail Habits – Recent Survey
  • Regulator ( RBI & Govt) role on Cash
  • Different methods of distribution of cash- ATM, Micro ATM, Mobile ATM, Cash at POS, Omni channel KIOSK

V. Balasubramanian, FSS CashTech

The Evolution of the Cash Cycle

  • The cash cycle has remained fundamentally the same since the dawn of cash.
  • Technology has advanced more rapidly in the past few years, and new models are emerging – there are indications that we are at the beginning of the next evolution of the cash cycle: Cash 4.0
  • What does this new cash cycle look like? Who are the players in Asia?
  • What role does technology have, and how will it help create efficiencies?

Ben Thorpe, Glory

Panel Discussion and Q & A

7 July 14:00 – 16:00 Singapore time (UTC +8) Session 4: CashTech Forum

CashTech brings together innovators, start-ups scale-ups who are leveraging technology and creativity to facilitate access to cash, improve its acceptance and generally improve the efficiency of the circulation of cash throughout the economy.

Coins in today’s society

  • Coins and the current landscape
  • Cost of coins
  • Shrap – benefits & solutions

Huseyin Memis, Shrap

The Convergence of Cash and Digital Payments

  • Scaling the cash infrastructure to growing demand
  • Next Gen Cash Distribution Network
  • Co-operation with banks

Hari Sivan, SoCash

Enabling International Remittances and Payments in Cash

  • Making cash remittances cheaper and safer
  • A network of collection points across Europe, Africa, Canada and LatAm
  • Enabling cash payments/lodgements across borders without bank account
  • Social Impact FinTech
  • Pipit’s Asia partners

Ollie Walsh, Pipit Global

Delegate Fees

Standard Delegate – £350

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