The Future of Cash 

Madrid, Spain | 28-29 October 2020

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FOC postponed to 28-29 October 2020 – see our Statement and FAQ

About The Future of Cash

 The Future of Cash conference was the first of its kind to bring together all stakeholders involved in the cash cycle. It typically attracts delegates from central banks, financial institutions, retailers, cash management companies, technology providers and other suppliers.

The Future of Cash conference focuses on understanding the changing cash environment and what stakeholders are doing to optimise the cash cycle and to keep cash competitive and relevant. It brings together all stakeholders to discuss new strategies for creating the cash cycle of the future.

Despite the increasing popularity of digital payment methods, nearly 85% of all retail transactions today are still made with cash, representing around 60% of retail transaction value.

Clearly cash is, and will remain, an important payment instrument. In a fast changing payment landscape, today’s challenge is to ensure cash is available, easy for people and organisations to use and its costs are low and competitive.  This is a challenging agenda whether you are a central bank or a commercial organisation in the cash cycle.

The conference is a stand-alone two day event which focuses on achieving operational efficiencies within the cash cycle. This enables stakeholders to share their best practices and expertise, with the aim of improving the overall functioning of cash and the cash cycle.

Previous events have been held in Paris, Vienna and more recently, Athens. Madrid will play host to the 2020 event.

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Covid-19, #cash, & the future of #payments - 'scientists note that the probability of transmission via #banknotes is low when compared with other frequently-touched objects. Read the BIS Bulletin here -

Key Ring, an app that lets people upload and store card details, has left the information of millions of users exposed, Key Ring stopped operating in Europe, blaming the requirements of the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). via @Finextra

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The idea of India becoming “cashless” in the foreseeable future is simply ludicrous. Time the government accepted this, instead of trying to force changes that inflict even more pain on the poor.”Indians Withdraw Rs 53,000 Crore From ATMs In Panic”

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Amazing organisation with extremely interesting presentations covering all aspects of cash.

Bank of Spain

It was a great conference. The topics discussed give us an overview, a big picture of the trends in the currency industry. Hence, allowing CB and other stakeholders to incorporate these into policy and strategies

Banco de Moçambique

This was my first time at the FOC conference I was really impressed by the high level of knowledge and expertise of the participants very interesting presentations and great discussions, Looking forward to next year’s conference.

Piraeus Bank

2020 Conference

The 2020 event will take place over two days and will include sessions on:

  • Changing demand
  • Improvements in cash collection
  • Making cash more efficient
  • How technical and process innovation can transform the way cash is used and handled.

Within these sessions will be a series of presentations covering:

  • Central bank perspectives on cash
  • Changing cash cycle models
  • Cash recycling and substitution
  • Cash centre efficiency
  • Standards and automation
  • Cross-stakeholder collaboration.

 There will also be a number of panel discussions which, as in previous years, and promise a lively addition to the programme.

Some of the key questions we will explore include:

  • What is driving cash demand and how can banks meet this demand more effectively? Do we really understand cash usage?
  • What innovations contribute to increasing the efficiency of the cash cycle?
  • How can we optimise ATM replenishment?
  • How can all parties in the supply chain better collaborate?
  • What are the latest technological innovations that will transform the way cash is handled? What does “data” and “digital cash” offer?
  • How might they help banks forge better relationships with customers?
  • Can we make cash profitable?
  • What is the role of the central bank in the cash cycle?
  • What is the impact of payment regulation?
  • How should a central bank balance the “good” and the “bad” attributes of cash?
  • Are customers ready for cashless branches yet?
  • Can we work with other payment technology to make cash more convenient to use?

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