CashEssentials and Sesami Present CashTech Innovation Awards

Awards given for best CashTech innovator, start-up and product

Istanbul, Türkiye – November 8, 2023 – The CashTech Innovation Awards, presented by CashEssentials and Sesami, were held during the Future of Cash Conference, taking place from November 6 to 8 in Istanbul, Türkiye. The winners of this year’s awards include the following industry leaders:

At the intersection of cash and technology, the CashTech Innovation Awards aim to recognizing innovative companies that leverage software and modern technology to improve cash services. This includes promoting the continued acceptance of cash across all channels and enhancing cash’s overall efficiency, affordability and sustainability.

As banks increasingly reduce their cash infrastructure (branches, ATMs and cash centres) in some of the world’s most advanced economies, companies have quickly seized the opportunity to make a difference, acting as a complement to traditional channels for the smooth distribution and circulation of cash. The CashTech Innovation Awards aim to celebrate the tremendous advances made to harness technology and innovation to ensure an accessible, reliable and sustainable future for cash.

“Sesami is thrilled to be part of this awards program and to recognize leaders in key sectors of the cash technology industry,” said Christian Weisser, Managing Director and Global Head of Banking Solutions and President of Sesami EMEA. “Given the importance of cash in every economy, these events are critical to drive innovation and highlight efforts that keep cash accessible to everyone. Congratulations to all the well-deserving winners!”

“The CashTech Innovation Awards are about making the cash ecosystem more efficient for all, about finding a set of sustainable and inclusive solutions that, eventually, can be tailored to fit all stakeholders.” said Guillaume Lepecq, Chair of CashEssentials.

Best CashTech Innovator Winner: Managecash Personal

Managecash Personal was created by Otokod Technologies from Türkiye. It is an app-based solution enabling consumers to seamlessly access cash from shops or individuals, using a QR code. No POS terminal or hardware is required. A consumer in need of cash opens the app, locates the nearest shop or person with available cash, presents a QR code and receives the money. The solution is currently being piloted within a closed test group.

Managecash is a spinoff from Otokod Technologies, which has been providing vertical solutions in various industries since 1990. Managecash offers a suite of solutions aimed at automating and tracking cash operations throughout the cash supply chain. This includes Managecash Business, a marketplace application that connects businesses and cash-in-transit companies to collect cash and transfer it to the bank, and Managecash Enterprise, an end-to-end cash automation solution for cash-in-transit companies and banks.

Mehmet Kavi, founder and CEO of Managecash commented:” CashTech’s innovative solutions represent a significant step towards the future of cash. In a world increasingly dominated by cashless payments, this award highlights the role of technology in building confidence in the future of cash. I believe CashTech’s work will be a beacon for the entire financial ecosystem, including digital payments.”

Best CashTech Start-Up Winner: Cash Perks

Cash Perks offers a unique and convenient method for providing instant access to cash to anyone, anytime and anywhere. This cost-effective solution facilitates cash disbursement through SMS. Recipients can then use the credentials provided within the text messages to withdraw allocated funds immediately at local ATMs nationwide, without the need for a bank card or app. Currently available in the UK at approximately 17,000 ATMs, this means that 95% of the UK population is within a mile of collecting their cash from an enabled ATM.

Cash Perks is primarily used for distributing welfare funds and emergency payments by local government, social housing providers and charities. The rising cost-of-living has amplified the demand for swiftly delivering financial support to struggling households to alleviate hardship, especially for the estimated 1.7 million adults in the United Kingdom who do not have a bank account and the additional 14 million who rely on unauthorized bank overdrafts each year.

Gareth Evans, Founder of Cash Perks, commented, “Having introduced Cash Perks only three years ago, receiving global recognition is a tremendous honour and a significant endorsement of our digital technology-driven cash payment solution. Our mission is to provide support instantly to those facing financial hardship, as we believe that providing cash is the most effective and dignified way to assist people in crisis.”

Best CashTech Award Winner: Donation Dollar by the Royal Australian Mint

The Donation Dollar was first released in 2020 as a vehicle for all Australians to engage in a moment of generosity, prompted by a simple $1 coin. The intention is to promote charitable behaviour and to provide a tangible, accessible way for people – who have the means – to enjoy the benefit of giving a small amount more frequently.

One Donation Dollar has been minted for every Australian as a reminder of the importance of giving back. Donation Dollars have been distributed through the banks since September 2020 with an estimated six million currently in circulation. The coin is designed to be instantly recognisable with the words Give to Help Others and a green centre with a gold ripple design emanating from the centre, symbolising the ongoing impact each donation dollar makes to those who need it most. After being released, the Donation Dollar generated an additional $55m in incremental charitable giving and this will only increase in future years.

Leigh Gordon CEO of the Royal Australian Mint said: “The Donation Dollar is an example of where an innovation can inspire additional behaviours and the importance that cash can inject into the community. The number of people that have been inspired to make a donation by coming across a Donation Dollar far exceeds the value of that dollar.”

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